Canon Rebel Camera

More Features for Increased Versatility. Lens Aberration Correction The EOS Rebel T5i features lens correction tools that compensate for lens characteristics that can affect overall image quality. The EOS Rebel T5i’s Peripheral Illumination Correction feature corrects light falloff in the corner of the image according to the characteristics of the lens being used. It even […]

Owl Security Camera

Unlike other security systems that claim to offer full property protection, Night Owl’s complete security cameras allow you versatility and ease of use. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can always view your camera feed, no matter if you’re catching up at a neighbor’s house or lounging on a beach half a world […]

Outdoor Ip Camera

Another factor to consider when outdoor surveillance camera shopping is the camera’s resolution. The higher the camera resolution, the clearer and easier the images will be to see. Ideally, you’ll want 1080p or higher resolution for the clearest images. Keep in mind that if you connect your camera into a DVR or other recording device, […]

Fuji Camera Instax

instax: the instant photograph creates a new culture in the age of social media The instant camera makes a big comeback! How Instax succeeds in the era of digital photos and social media. instax SHARE Printer SP-2 Print your best shot from your smartphone in just 10 seconds. instax mini 8 Cute and compact body […]

Vintage Polaroid Camera

600 series cameras such as the Pronto, Sun 600, and One600 used 600 (or the more difficult to find professional 779) film which was four times faster than SX-70 film. Polaroid Spectra cameras used Polaroid Spectra film which went back to a rectangular format. Captiva, Joycam, and Popshots (single use) cameras used a smaller 500 […]

Best Vlogging Camera

More Cameras for Vlogging 4. Olympus VG-160 This model possesses some of the most outstanding vlogging features in a camera one can ever wish for. Not just because of its functional and compact qualities, but its also loaded with various smart features in order for you to shoot those videos the way you as well […]

Best 360 Camera

5. Kodak SP360 Another big name from the world of photography, Kodak has created a unique and interesting 360 device. Unlike Nikon, Kodak’s device is very affordable, priced at roughly $230. It is easy to use, and the video comes in at a very high resolution of 1080p, and also 10fps. For still images, the […]

Best Security Camera

Security cameras come many types and have seemingly endless feature options. With so many different kinds of home security cameras available, deciding which one makes sense for your home can be a daunting task. The information in this guide will give you the knowledge you need to find the security camera or cameras that will […]

Rape Caught On Camera

An Ohio University student says she was raped, and the alleged assault was photographed and shared on social media.     Investigators say they have spoken to both the man and woman in the photo, and they are trying to determine exactly what happened.    They say one thing is clear: there were witnesses, and investigators want to […]

Mdot Traffic Cameras

Description Use this MDOTTraffic application to access real-time traffic alert information from across the State of Mississippi.Features of this app include:•Push, text or email notification of real-time traffic alerts •Access to statewide streaming traffic cameras•Statewide GPS traffic alert details This application can be used as a companion to the website. At, users can […]